Managed Pressure
Drilling Equipment

High quality drives exceptional performance. We only provide modern, industry-leading managed pressure drilling equipment at Horizon Drilling. Our value in innovation is what ensures quality, which is exemplified by regularly updating our equipment. Utilizing the best modern equipment is part of what has contributed to our success across western Canada.


Get the most value out of managed pressure drilling at Horizon Drilling. Designed to optimize performance, it delivers the best results while remaining cost-effective. Whatever project scope, it can easily get the job done and more. A project’s guaranteed success and minimized costs make for a win-win on both fronts.


Safety is paramount for any good managed pressure drilling company. Our equipment assures safety measures are met by reducing well-control risks. Beyond that, it contributes to a greener, better future by helping to reduce environmental impact. We pride ourselves in providing innovative equipment that facilitates our top priorities in ensuring safety and environmental operation.


As the top drilling contractors in Canada, we provide MPD drilling that vastly improves productivity. Our advanced equipment helps drill wells efficiently by accurately controlling bottom-hole pressures, which reduces non-productive time. Improve productivity with Horizon Drilling and utilize our highly efficient managed pressure drilling equipment to ensure everything runs smoothly.