A Horizon of

Our Company

At Horizon Drilling, our goal is to provide our customers with the best service possible by consistently improving health, safety, and environmental processes, expanding the capabilities of our fleet and retaining the best and most qualified individuals to get your site up and running.

Our Focus on Safety

Our people, our equipment, our responsibility. At Horizon Drilling, we are committed to keeping our people, which is our greatest asset, safe. We are focused on continual improvement as we develop and implement new HSE Standards and Procedures. With the delivery of high-level training to our teams, we continue to demonstrate that safety is our top priority.

A History of Impact

Horizon Drilling is a division of Western Energy Services Corp. Our company has been in operation since 2004 and our fleet has grown to 34 modern and innovative rigs, making us one of the largest drilling contractors in Canada. We’ve seen outstanding results as our company operates with long-term relationships in mind – leveraging effective project-planning decisions to bring out the best in our highly trained personnel.

Focus on Safety

Our people are our greatest asset, and we’re committed to keeping them safe. As we implement comprehensive HSE policies and procedures and provide high-level training for our team, we continue to prove that safety is our top priority.

Excellence in Leadership

Our management team consists of born leaders and valuable oil and gas workers with experience and knowledge to make realistic commitments and effective schedules. With expertise and wisdom from the top down, our company thrives.

Commitment to Quality

Our fleet is one of the newest in North America, consisting of some of the best and highest-performing rigs. Our efficiency of operations, commitment to innovative solutions, and highly skilled team highlight our commitment to quality.

Respect for the Team

Horizon Drilling is like a family built on mutual respect. We value personal well-being as much as output. From fair compensation to ongoing training, our workers know their value and what goes into a sustainable drilling team.

Does This Sound Like You?
Western Energy Services Corp.

At Western Energy Services Corp., we are proud to announce that we are the FIRST drilling and well servicing contractor to be Climate Smart certified!


In 2021, compared to 2018, we had a 30% reduction in CO2 intensity per meter drilled. Through our journey with Radicle Climate Smart’s intensive greenhouse gas (“GHG”) inventory training and certification process, we will continue our commitment to upholding practices that will help us and our customers reduce our climate footprint.